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Organizational Development & HR Consulting

One of the great advantages of working with Isabelle is the strength of her network in very specific areas of expertise. With every issue I encounter, she is one of the first people I turn to for help or advice. She provides clear and motivating follow-ups in order to advance large-scale projects that may seem impossible.

Claudine Hubert, Human Resources Director @ Thinkwell Studio Montreal – a TAIT company

Creating human strategies that match your ambitions

A successful company relies on its organizational culture: thinking it through, putting it into action, renewing it. Goduko accompanies you and co-designs your HR strategies in order to give you an empowering and coherent corporate culture, aligned with your unique identity. Our flagship service is the CEDRIC, a Goduko method designed to radically transform outdated performance appraisal processes.
But that's not all! Discover all of our OD and HR Consulting services:

Our team embarked on a project to overhaul the annual performance appraisal process, which has been completely transformed – and for the better! – thanks to Isabelle Kolish-Dufresne's fair, sensitive and rigorous guidance. Today, we can see the benefits of the bold new strategies that have been put in place, including the continuous feedback process. Our happiness index has never been higher!

Nathalie Maillé, Executive Director, Council for the Arts of Montreal

Rethink the Employee Performance Appraisal (CEDRIC)

The employee performance evaluation process is an HR practice whose outdated standardization, no longer corresponds to anyone. Leaders of all levels, HR teams and employees are dissatisfied with it, yet can't get rid of it. Through contact with several clients, Goduko has created a method that allows for innovation in rebuilding a unique evaluation process. The employee experience is strengthened and aligned with your organizational culture. It is an invitation to engage in a co-creation exercise from which an entirely new process will emerge, better adapted to today's reality.

The acronym CEDRIC (from French) stands for: Culture of Engagement, Development, and Individual & Collective Responsibility

Key Concepts:

  • Maximize the accountability of each member of the organization
  • Take action and communicate with courage
  • Reposition your thinking and manage performance differently

Methodology :

  • Exploratory meetings with executives, managers and teams
  • Co-creation activities to redefine the WE and lay your reality back on the map
  • Discover other ways to guide reflection
  • Creation of necessary and sufficient documentation
  • Introduction and implementation of new practices
  • Review practices to realign where needed
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CEDRIC: Culture of Engagement, Development, and Individual and Collective Responsibility

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Build, Strengthen or Transform Your Organizational Culture

Some companies have seen their organizational culture emerge naturally in their early years. Others see a gap between the desired vision and reality. Culture is reflected in the employer brand, tints the way teams are managed, it's in the entire talent-experience, from the job interview to the exit interview.

Would you like to rethink your culture? Our HR consulting service has solid expertise in supporting SMEs.

Some benefits:

  • Make culture a strategic pillar
  • Contribute positively to organizational performance
  • Rethink your employer brand with more coherence
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Increase engagement and collaboration within and between teams
  • Enhance the sense of pride and belonging between individuals and the organization
  • Increase acceptance of who we are as a group
  • Renew a sense of personal and shared responsibility

Some benefits:

  • Generate consistency with your organizational culture
  • Rethink recruitment in a fun and logical way
  • Attract relevant talent more easily
  • Increase candidate interest
  • Improve your employer reputation

Develop a Successful Candidate-Experience

Grabbing the attention of relevant talent, asking the right questions during the job interview, communicating our organizational identity and expectations, following-up with candidates throughout the process and keeping them interested until the end, all this is part of a global experience that is to be considered holistically. What if we toldourselves this hiring process as a story? The one we want to bring to life for the individuals who might join our team? This is exactly what we offer by combining storytelling and recruitment.

Isabelle stands out for the quality of her questions and her ability to synthesize information. She is able to adapt her game plan and her tools to the reality of the organization and the style of the managers. The experience was fun and valuable, and allowed us to shape our recruitment strategy and our training raodmap.

Nadine Fournier, Product Manager and co-founder @ Landerz

Create a Solid Recruiter-Experience

The recruiter-experience is the engine that sets the tone for the candidate-experience. How do you qualify the management of your recruitment process? Would you like to better document it, simplify it, clarify it or transform it? Let's take a look at the more technical aspects of recruitment together, to build custom tools and strategies. We work in concret terms to target and implement methods to facilitate the selection of the right candidates, enhance HR skills, develop strategies to get to know candidates better and aquire useful tools.

Some benefits:

  • Learn the art of recruitment
  • Equipe yourself with the right, simple tools
  • Recruit with confidence
  • Minimize subjectivity
  • Make the right decisions

Some benefits:

  • Increase team well-being
  • Manage with courage, consistency and humility
  • Foster better communication
  • Reduce disappointment and frustration
  • Better understand your teams
  • Reduce attrition and increase talent attraction
  • Make better decisions, individually and as a team

Isabelle helped us set up a clear operating framework for our team. She led a workshop that gave everyone a chance to express themselves, and assured us of the sustainability of the project. The workshop was a huge success, and we're looking forward to repeating the experience with other issues we face.

Lyne Breton, CPA, President @Breton accounting services inc.

Design a Motivating Employee/Team-Experience

We hear about management everywhere: staff management, change management, talent management, team management… At Goduko we like to talk about employee-experience and team-experience. Why? Because what we experience within a company can be told as a story. And it's this story that influences motivation at work, interpersonal relationships, interpersonal skills and the desire to stay in the role.

Our approach integrates the art of storytelling to ensure consistency between what we want our employees to experience and what they actually do experience. This way, we translate our abstract intentions into concrete practices.

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Engage and Retain Talent Proactively

How to retain top talent? There is not ONE strategy, but there are YOUR strategies. We look at the reality of your industry, your organization's history and concerns experienced internally. What do you do well that makes people want to stay? We also take a courageous look at what causes people to leave. Our approach allows you either to find the answers on your own, or to explore them together in order to find the solutions most conducive to successful organizational development.

Some benefits:

  • Establish an empathetic and engaging dialogue with employees
  • Identify and address avoidable and manageable issues
  • Take the pulse of your organization to maximize the knowledge of teams and individuals
  • Enhance employee-experience and career development
  • Find sustainable solutions and be more competitive in your market

Some benefits:

  • Dare to have courageous conversations
  • Improve listening skills and dialogue on underlying issues
  • Make everyone accountable for their tasks and role
  • Harmonize relationships and improve teamwork

Isabelle has also been a pillar of my development as a leader. She helped me navigate my first challenges as a manager, refined my communication skills within the team and was an indispensable coach in enhancing my leadership skills. Our journey together has been impeccable and constructive.

Vincent Castonguay-Drouin, former Lead, Interactive development in a creative studio for immersive experiences.

Communicate Better to Collaborate Better

The challenges most often cited by companies relate to interpersonal relations. How can we communicate better within a team? How can we help managers improve their communication skills? How can we naturally invite each individual to dare to have courageous conversations, to address fundamental issues and identify those that are not? Our approach is aimed at the whole organization, so that each individual can take responsibility for his or her own message and communicate more sensibly.