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Training, Conferences & Workshops

Developing talent individually and as a team with impact

Our in person or online training formulas and workshops are adapted to each company: lunch & learn ; team learning blocks; half-day workshops… We create constructive soft skills training that aims to provide concrete tools. We develop subjects particularly requested by organisations or build custom workshops.

Approach & Methodology

Online or in person, Goduko offers a dynamic learning experience that is participative, flexible, and interactive.
Each session mixes lectures, practical individual and group exercises, learning videos and reflection tools.
We've observed that when employees and managers take training together, they develop common vocabulary, knowledge, attitudes and reflexes. So, while we have developed some training for managers, the majority of our workshops are intented for all actors in the organization.

Various Formulas to Explore

  • À la carte, create your own menu from our complementary courses
  • Explore customized training to tackle specific human issues or to facilitate a change implementation.
  • Maximize learning integration with either our integrated coaching formula or a group follow-up session.

Our collaboration with Isabelle has allowed us to have concrete tools through her training for all our employees. In addition to this learning, we had good coaching which now allows us to be more independent and efficient, between partners and with our teams.

Véronique Desrosiers – President, CEO and partner of Featuring

Our Existing

Process & Duration :

  • Two blocks of 2 hours, facilitated over two days
  • Work teams composed of employees and managers of all levels
  • Groups of up to 12 people
    Optional: individual reinforcement coaching

Tools Included:

  • Digital interactive documents
  • Participant workbook
  • Entertaining videos
  • Software and Apps

1 - Give & Receive Feedback Between Teammates

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Our training uses the principles of motivation and human behavior to be better equipped when it comes to giving and receiving feedback. The proposed approach is aimed at coworkers, either within or outside one's team, and managers. Together, we work on individual and collective accountabilty as well as do an awareness exercise. This integrates a reliable technique that all team members will know how to use.

2 - Navigating Through Change


Recent years have shown that the speed and nature of change impact our personal and professional lives. This has considerable and varied effects on individuals and organizations, plunging them into discomfort. Despite this reality, it is necessary for everyone to adapt.

What if we could understand how change triggers certain types of behaviors and what we can do to take control of them, instead of being subject to them?

3 - Anxiety Taking Over? Learn to Manage it

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We talk about anxiety all the time and how it has become the new disease of the century, both in our personal lives and in the workplace. It's an economic market where many players offer a multitude of solutions to reduce anxiety. And yet, we have never been so anxious…

What if we looked at anxiety differently? This training proposes to flip the way of seeing things: the reduction of anxiety as a result, rather than an objective. The approach invites you to be better aware of your situation, to take responsibility for managing your anxiety better, both at home and at work.

4 - Develop a Coherent Organizational Culture

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Every company has an organizational culture; whether it was developed without much reflection or intentionally thought out and designed. Concurrently, more and more organizations are integrating telework into their daily reality. Some see this change as an opportunity to revise, adapt or rebuild their organizational culture, while others see it as a threat.

This training allows for the development of a deliberately chosen and designed organizational culture in a telework/hybrid context. It also uses principles of motivation and human behavior to co-build mobilizing initiatives. The proposed approach encourages reflection, co-development of adapted practices and finally, to maintain and build a consistent organizational culture.

My collaboration with Isabelle was one of my favorite professional experiences of 2022! She took on the challenge of creating content for a virtual training cohort, delivered her training and contributed to the success of the program.

Hugo Berger, President @ Télétravail Académie inc.

5 - Your Customized Training

Our general expertise in the HR field allows us to customize the experience you want to create with your teams. Whether it's for an offsite team event, a corporate retreat or a business meeting, we adapt our topics and formats to your needs.