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A team that listens to each reality

Thanks to its range of complementary services, Goduko has been accompnying businesses since 2017 in the development of mindset, tools and management methods aimed at improving relational dynamics within the organization, taking charge of its complex human challenges and bringing about changes that facilitate togetherness.

The majority of our services may be eligible for Services-Québec subsidies for businesses requiring HR consultation, training and management coaching. A customer can be reimbursed up to 50% of the billing.

The Founder

Isabelle Kolish-Dufresne, CHRP, Team-Experience Strategist

Business Consultant | Facilitator | PRECOG Coach

Isabelle Kolish Dufresne
Isabelle in conference

I am an innovative entrepreneur who draws from 15+ years of HR experience in small, medium and large organizations. My years spent at MétéoMédia as HR Manager and at The Weather Network as HRBP, forged my desire to start my own practice at Goduko, founded in 2017.

Using my ability to connect people, I've developed methods to support managers and teams in facing the challenges of employee retention, attraction and engagement. My original approach is based on the notion of individual and collective responsibility.

In the fall of 2018, I joined the non-profit organization Fuckup Nights Montreal as co-host and volunteer coordinator. Our mission is to destigmatize professional and entrepreneurial failure, in order to develop a more dynamic and learning mindset in our community and our organizations. (We create moments for more authentic and vulnerable exchanges, allowing fertile ground for sharing stories of resilience. Come to one of our events open to the public or learn more about corporate opportunities!)

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In October 2020, I completed the PRECOG certification in human behavior, leadership and coaching at Communication PSYCOM Inc. by Dr. Guillaume Dulude, PhD in neuropsychology. This was followed by an adventure in selftranscendence, listening and awareness in South Africa, as part of the experiential training Psycom Origin. In June 2022, I continued my development by doing the Expertise compenent of the PRECOG certification. I've evidently have become an ambassador of the Psycom teachings. I particularly appreciate their methodology based on the application of valid scientific research and literature.

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A Team of Partners

Goduko collaborates with various partners in order to provide a global, diversified and professional service offering. This network of complementary expertise extends, among other things, to HR marketing, occupational health, safety and well-being, compensation and more.

Our flagship collaborator: La Slide Agence de presentation
Educational design and creation of learning tools and graphic design

Our Values

Goduko guides its actions, accompanies its clients and manages its projects according to its code of culture.

To go further, we go together.
Everyone has a role to play; we take care of what is ours and we do it until the end.
Do what is right, not what is easy or quick.
Our relationship is based on trust, otherwise we have nothing on which to build our collaboration.
Working with enjoyment is a source of motivation that will allow us to go far together.
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